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What is the CAN-Phantom Vehicle Immobilizer?

The CAN-Phantom is a car module that prevents the car from being started unless a secret PIN code is entered, protecting the vehicle from theft.

Simple Installation

The installation takes under two hours, and is carried out by one of our approved and trained auto-electrician.

Unparalleled Security

This tiny device is hidden and disguised within the car, ensuring that it'll remain undetectable by thieves.

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Personalised disarm sequence that uses the vehicle's internal buttons and switches


Valet mode, allows you disable the immobiliser for a period of time or until a speed threshold is reached


Simple WiFi user interface to access the immobiliser's settings


Protects from hot-wiring, key theft, and fake keys


Designed to blend in and stay hidden, ensuring that it won't be found by thieves

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We offer installations in locations all around NYC, so that you can find one that suits you best.

BMW M240i

"I have had the CAN-PHANTOM system fitted to my BMW M240i. Can’t fault the system works great! I Feel much more confident leaving my car safe and protected. 100% recommend. CAN-PHANTOM thank you for your product and service."

BMW M5 Competition

"I had the CAN-PHANTOM fitted on my BMW M5 Competition and have been thoroughly impressed with it. The service provided by the team was excellent and the software is much easier to use than previous immobilisers I’ve had fitted."

Jaguar F-type

"Best in the business, had the CAN-PHANTOM fitted to my new F-type & now i have zero worries. Highly recommend."

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